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Tatsuo Yamanaka President

Tatsuo Yamanaka

The NICHIHA Group is continually striving to develop products and services that meet customer needs precisely and contribute to creating a better society, based on its management policies of: “Putting Customers First,” “Fostering Creativity and Ingenuity,” and “Promoting a Positive and Open Workplace” under its slogan of “Building a Better Human Environment.”

The Japanese housing industry is undergoing major structural changes as the country’s detached house market has entered a long-term downward trend due to the declining birthrate, aging and shrinking population. The government’s housing policy has also shifted focus from maximizing quantity to maximizing quality. The NICHIHA Group will therefore develop higher value-added products and a new business model to reflect changing domestic customer and market demands and to improve the quality of houses.

We operate not only in Japan, but also in global markets including the United States and China. We aim to expand sales of our fiber-reinforced cement sidings around the world based on our technology and know-how developed over many years in Japan, to make our overseas operations the driving force for further growth.

Our full commitment to major social issues such as living in harmony with the environment helps enhance our value. NICHIHA remains dedicated to achieving a recycle-oriented, sustainable society through its environmental protection activities including waste recycling and reducing its impact on the environment.