Weather Resistance


“Hyper Coat” is resistant to strong UV and cracks, which will keep the beautiful exterior wall over a long period of time.

“Hyper-Coating” is expected to last 15~20 years against color fading.

Exterior walls suffer from degradation due to external factors such as strong UV, high-temperature, snow, and continuous rain. Generally it’s necessary to repaint the coating film surface after 5~7 years, but NICHIHA's UV resistance “Hyper-Coating” product is expected to last 15-20 years.

Measures with the coating film against UV and crack. Resistant to natural deterioration.
Strong against ultraviolet “Hyper-Coating”
Strong against ultraviolet “Hyper-Coating”
Strong against vibration “ Hyper-Coating”
Strong against vibration “ Hyper-Coating”
Compared to typical exterior siding products, NICHIHA siding retains its beauty two to three times longer, reducing maintenance costs.

Test result of exposure in MIYAKO island, Japan
Test result of exposure in MIYAKO island, Japan
Highly weatherable “Hyper Coat” and self-cleaning performance guard from dirt for a long time, keeping the building beautiful.
Relief map of structure about dirt-prevention layer
Relief map of structure about dirt-prevention layer


Superior Highly Weatherable
maintenance low.

Our improved ultra-high-weathering paint improves durability from our past formula, making it possible to extend the ten to fifteen year repainting interval for a significant reduction in maintenance cost.

Bonding strength is enough to guard from ultraviolet rays.
Platinum-coating has bonding energy of 443kJ/mol, higher than that of ultraviolet light, which is only 413kJ/mol, and thus protects the siding completely from ultraviolet damage.

Point1:Cohesion is stronger than Ultraviolet!

In 18,000 hours of testing to strict standards, platinum-coating maintained its appearance.
Platinum-coating has passed 18,000h of accelerated weather testing, which exposes the samples to severe natural circumstances such as strong sunlight, temperature and rain. Showing it's superior resistance to color fading and sunburn, to maintain a beautiful exterior wall for a long time.