Eco-Friendly Siding

"100% domestically-produced woods + cements"
"NICHIHA Offset siding" is the product that we utilizes woods.


NICHIHA's "Eco-Friendly Siding" protects forests in Japan.

You can't keep forests unless you cut down trees. It sounds like a contradiction, but it is true. "Wood thinning" is for keeping distance among trees and provide trees enough light evenly. "Regeneration cutting" is for cutting down trees. Grow trees, cut down the trees, and plant new trees. Young trees can absorb a lot of CO2 by doing that repeatedly, which leads to prevent from Global warming.
However, aging of forests is getting a serious problem due to the lack of necessary care by low demand of domestic timbers. The passion about trees and desire of protecting woods and promoting the use of domestic timbers produced "NICHIHA Offset Siding" by utilizing wood chips.

What is offset siding?

This is an exterior wall product made by utilizing wood chips of domestic wooden chips. It corresponds to Excelard and W series. At the 17th Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(COP17) in 2011, it is agreed to count the emission rate of carbon from cut domestically-produced woods when the wood product was discarded. Therefore, the exterior wall material using the domestic woods is admitted as a storage of carbon until its disposed.
OS_logo.png "Offset siding" is a registered trademark of NICHIHA Corporation. (The registered trademark 5408320th)