Necessary standard installation procedures and prohibition for construction of NICHIHA sidings

Installation Documents

Standard installation method

Installation manual

EX Series

Long clip fixes

Installation Video

Quick guide ▼

icon_movie.png1. Step by Step

icon_movie.png2. Inside and Outside Corner

icon_movie.png3. Opening

Detailed video ▼

3030 Products

icon_movie.png1. Step by Step

icon_movie.png2. Pre installation check

icon_movie.png3. Starter Flashing installation

icon_movie.png4. House wrap installation

icon_movie.png5. Panel installation(Horizontal installation)

icon_movie.png6. Panel installation(Vertical installation)

icon_movie.png7. Touch up

icon_movie.png8. Sealant

icon_movie.png9. Final Check

1820 Products

icon_movie.png1820 Panels Instllation Video

icon_movie.png1. Starter Track and basic panel installation

icon_movie.png2. Outside corner and Inside corner installation

icon_movie.png3. Window and Soffit installation

icon_movie.png4. Touch-up paint

Notice:Since material handling and installation vary from country to country, the following information may not apply to the US, Canada, Mexico, China, Russia and CIS. For these countries, please refer to the information provided by the local subsidiary of NICHIHA.